Hawk Security Limited began selling a hardware-protected external SSD drive with AES 256 XTS military grade encryption.


The drive is called Hawk S-Drive. The compact device is completed with a modern USB 3.1 Gen 1, an aluminum case (84 * 40 * 10 mm) with a weight of only 45 grams, and internal memory (from 128 GB to 2 TB).


For more than two years, “Hawk Security” has been developing software and hardware to reliably protect the privacy of its customers, which has been subsequently integrated into Hawk S-Drive. As a result there has been developed Hawk Encrypt system – a hardware encryption system on the base of a chip controller integrated into the board of the device. The chip allows you to encrypt data in compliance with the AES 256bit XTS military-grade standard, while the write/read speed is up to 450 Mb/s.

The device is also equipped with a special keyboard made of hard plastic, so that you can easily control access to the data on the device. The length of the PIN-code is from 4 to 16 digits. There are all the necessary basic protection systems: automatic blocking (if inactive for more than 3 hours), auto-deletion of information after 10 fail authorization attempts.

Hawk S-Drive is available in retail starting from $179 for 128Gb, ​​the company provides international free shipping worldwide, and the device warranty is 1 year.

Hawk Security offers mutually beneficial terms of cooperation for distributors around the world, for more information you can contact a company representative.

S-Drive sets a new standard for encrypted portable storage. It is secure and extremely reliable.

Client cloud for secure transmission of information from the outside to the device.
Cloud implemented on the latest technologies, includes end-to-end encryption information, two factoring authorization, WebDAV access and anti-virus protection.

The essence of the technology is similar to 2FA, only here three authorization factors: pin-pad, password from software encryption, password from login system with a false password system for self-cleaning device.

Hawk Firewall is integrated in the HawkOS. Hawk Firewall is a personal firewall that controls and monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic, and protects you from hackers, malware and other online threats that can compromise your privacy.

A free Hawk VPN service is integrated in the HawkOS. When using Hawk VPN, all the data you send and receive passes through an encryption tunnel, protecting your personal information.

To ensure the security of your data, we use the latest hardware encryption standard: XTS AES-256bit. When using HawkOS, hardware-based encryption is complemented by software encryption, providing multi-level data protection.

The HawkOS operating system can be pre-installed on S-Drive. HawkOS is a Linux-based OS with a user-friendly interface, a wide variety of programs, and a customized integrated system, which maintains a high level of privacy and anonymity. The HawkOS provides strong encryption, anonymity, and a user-friendly interface.

S-Drive sets a new standard for encrypted portable storage. It is secure and extremely reliable. No software is needed for managing, encrypting, or deploying S-Drive. An end-user connects, confirms their personal password, and then they’re set.