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Hawk Security is an innovative provider of data encryption solutions.

Our history

Hawk Security was launched in 2018 by three experts with robust experience in the fields of embedded security, data protection, and entrepreneurship. We were united around the idea of creating secure information storage solutions for both private and corporate clients. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong and has offices in Taiwan and Canada.

Our OS

We have developed a special operating system called HawkOS which is integrated into the protected memory on the Hawk S-Drive. HawkOS is a universal OS aimed at protecting your privacy and anonymity. The combination of two technologies hardware-based encryption and a secure operating environment represents an innovative future for data protection and privacy.

Our technology

In collaboration with Initio Inc. (USA), Hawk Security specialists have developed a unique technology that allows users to encrypt data in compliance with the military-grade encryption standard AES 256 XTS. In the Hawk S-Drive, only up-to-date SSD drives are used. Encrypted data transfers at speeds up to 450mb/s.


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Hawk S-Drive Secure External Drive

Hawk Security offers a full range of encrypted drives to meet various usage and security requirements, including a FIPS 140-2 certification, a high-speed USB 3.0 interface with fast SSD drives, and control options using secure HawkOS.

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Secure HawkOS Operating System

HawkOS is an operating system based on the Linux kernel that is aimed at maintaining your confidentiality and anonymity. It helps you use the Internet anonymously and bypass censorship, regardless of your location or device. Plus, it doesn’t leave any digital traces.

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Our product

Our product

Hawk Security products secure sensitive data by using 256-bit military-grade encryption. With a wide range of products, Hawk Security offers both external hardware data storage and HawkOS encryption software options. Hardware products do not require any pre-installed software or additional drivers.

Compliance with requirements

Compliance with requirements

Hawk Security technologies allow you to comply with the most stringent government regulations. FIPS validated Hawk Security products are a cost-effective way to comply with HIPPA, SOX, DHS Initiatives, NRC, GLB and other directives regarding data encryption.

Proven Security

Proven Security

Hawk Security is trusted by government and military agencies, as well as companies all over the world. Legal, financial, and medical industries (among others) also use Hawk Security products to protect, store and transmit sensitive data.

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