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Different types of industries operate in accordance with various data storage standards. Find out, how you can use our encrypted hardware storage solution in each of the following industries.
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Secure your data easily. Just use Hawk S-Drive


S-Drive allows government agencies of all sizes to secure sensitive data and significant systems by using fully encrypted storage.


Patient Health Information (PHI) must be protected by healthcare providers. The implementation of our solution can prevent data leakage.

Educational institutions

Protect your educational institution from identity theft and data leaks with our S-Drive encrypted hardware drive.

Digital media

Located in the heart of Hong Kong, our company helps solve data protection problems in the digital media industry by providing encrypted storage solutions.


Are you a programmer, developer, or designer? Use our hardware encryption solutions to secure your confidential data.


Manufacturers usually store private data including business plans and intellectual property on hard drives. Secure your data with Hawk Security.

Benefits of Using Hawk S-Drive Encryption Solutions

Ideal backup solution

Hawk Security products were created and developed by the industry leader in data recovery solutions. These solutions provide high-level data security and ensure sufficient backups in case of data loss.

Plug and Play

Working right out of the box, you don’t need to install or update anything. Each solution is completely independent from the OS. The only technical requirement is the USB port, used for data transfer and power supply.

The safest drive

Full hardware disk encryption is only the beginning of ensuring the complete security of your data. In addition to strong encryption, every vital electronic component has durable epoxy coating.

Safety regulations

Simply replace obsolete USB and external storage devices with Hawk S-Drive, and your company will instantly comply with HIPPA, GDPR and all other data processing rules and regulations in North America and Europe.

Hawk S-Drive for Business

Security of Everything

S-Drive sets a new standard for encrypted portable storage. It is secure and extremely reliable.

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