Connecting to a network

You can connect to a network using a wired, Wi-Fi, or mobile broadband connection:

1. Open the system menu in the top-right corner.

  • If a wired connection is detected, HawkOS automatically connects to the network.
  • To connect to a Wi-Fi network, choose Wi-Fi Not Connected and then Select Network.
  • To connect to a mobile broadband network, choose Mobile Broadband.


2. After establishing a connection to a network:

  • From the Main Menu go to Settings and select Hawk Settings, or in the bottom menu, click on the Hawk Settings icon
  • The security settings window opens:

3. When you first connect to the network, click the “Get HawkVPN Cert” button to obtain a HawkVPN network access certificate.

When using Hawk VPN, all the data you send and receive passes through an encryption tunnel, protecting your personal information.

4. To activate secure network access, click “Enable Hawk Safety”

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