Hawk S-Drive Overview


Physical Data Security with Hawk S-Drive

Secure digital files and prevent data leakage with portable Hawk S-Drive. Hawk S-Drive was designed using military-grade XTS AES 256-bit hardware encryption and is verified by FIPS 140-2. The device unlocks when a user enters a PIN-code using the built-in keyboard. The keyboard is made from wear-resistant material that prevents unauthorized people from seeing frequently typed numbers.

In addition to physical security, the device is equipped with anti-hacking technology. This function deletes data from the USB drive after entering 10 invalid PIN-codes. The device is protected from dust and moisture (IP 44), and works with any operating system. The Hawk S-drive works with any device featuring USB ports.

Key features:

  • XTS AES 256-bit hardware encryption
  • Unlock using your PIN-code and the built-in keypad.
  • Protection class – IP44
  • Protection class against mechanical damage – IK06
  • It works on any operating system. No drivers are required
  • The device locks automatically after 3 hours of inactivity


Reliable portable drive with instant hardware data encryption


Hawk S-Drive Features


Fast and reliable

The Hawk S-Drive saves data with Micro SSDs featuring 3D NAND TLS memory chips. S-Drive storage capacity comes in five sizes, meeting any customer’s requirements: 128Gb, 256Gb, 512Gb, 1Tb and 2Tb.

Distinctive features of using 3D NAND TLS memory:

  • High level of reliability (service life more than 10 years*)
  • High read/write speed operations of up to 450MB/s (2-3 times faster than classic HDDs)
  • Low-power consumption
  • Excellent protection against mechanical damage (protects against drops or external impacts)



The Hawk S-Drive uses hardware-based XTS AES 256-bit encryption. It features a unique chip developed with our partner company, Initio, Inc. (USA).

For providing passive protection against hacking, Hawk Security has a keyboard made of wear-resistant plastic and solid units, which exclude the possibility of unauthorized access to the printed circuit board. Hawk S-Drive is protected with a PIN-code. If an attacker enters 10 invalid PIN-codes, all data on the S-Drive will be permanently deleted.

In addition to securing data with hardware encryption, Hawk Security protects the S-Drive against mechanical hacking. Every critical element of the printed circuit board is filled with high-temperature epoxy resin (heat resistance up to + 250 °C), which cannot be dismantled without damaging the key elements like memory chips. Our company experts have also used copper shielding to prevent electromagnetic spying.

Hawk S-Drive Safety Features:

  • XTS AES 256-bit encryption
  • Wear-resistant keyboard
  • Solid units
  • Protection against brute-force PIN-code attacks.
  • Filling the board with high-temperature epoxy
  • Copper shielding



No one will be able to recover your data if you lose your PIN-code. Write down the PIN-code and keep it in a safe place.



Hawk S-Drive is the most compact portable drive with hardware-based encryption. S-Drive’s physical specs: a height of 84 mm, width of 40 mm and depth of 10 mm. The weight of the device is only 38 grams—tiny compared to traditional external HDD disks which are bulky, noisy, heavy. You can easily put the Hawk S-Drive into your pocket or small handbag. The case of the device is made of duralumin, which protects the device against accidental drops and external damage. Your data is safe with Hawk S-Drive.


  • The most compact disk drive with hardware encryption
  • The case is made of duralumin
  • Durable ABS plastic keyboard
  • Protected against accidental drops or external damage


Advanced features

The HawkOS operating system can be preinstalled on the Hawk S-Drive. HawkOS is our in-house development based on the ArchLinux operating system, which ensures high anonymity and confidentiality parameters based on its parent architecture. These features were complemented by custom solutions created by Hawk Security. These solutions significantly increase the security of the system.

Solutions in HawkOS:

  • Strong software encryption – Hawk Encrypt
  • Reliable service for the safe Internet browsing – Hawk VPN
  • Software protection – Hawk Firewall
  • Modern antivirus

You can learn more about the HawkOS operating system in the HawkOS Overview.


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