Running HawkOS in a virtual machine

This method is suitable for any user and allows you to use HawkOS on any computer. The system starts in your existing OS, such as Windows, MacOS, or Linux. To start the HawkOS, you need to download free virtual machine software, such as Oracle VM VirtualBox.

When running HawkOS in a virtual machine, you can use most features of HawkOS from your usual operating system and use both in parallel without the need to restart the computer.

Installation in Win or Mac

1. Download the latest version of VirtualBox (VirtualBox 6. *. * platform packages)

2. Install Oracle VM VirtualBox on your computer.

3. Download the Extension Pack (VirtualBox 6. *. * Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack) and install it.


Installation in Debian or Ubuntu

To install VirtualBox, execute the following command:  sudo apt install virtualbox

Running HawkOS from an Hawk S-Drive

First, start VirtualBox.

To create a new virtual machine:

1. Click the New button, and in the window that opens (fill in the data as described below), click the Create button:

  • Name: HawkOS
  • Type: Linux.
  • Version: Other Linux (64 bit).
  • Click Next.

2. In the Memory size screen:

  • Allocate at least 2048 MB of RAM.
  • Click Next.

3. In the Hard drive screen:

  • Choose Do not add a virtual hard drive.
  • Click Create.
  • Click Continue in the warning dialog about creating a virtual machine without a hard drive.

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