Unlock Hawk S-Drive


A few simple steps

Hawk Security products are built on a combination of hardware and software security that’s designed to protect your personal data from a wide range of potential attacks. In this article, we will tell you how to unlock the new Hawk S-Drive.

What you need:

  • External Drive Hawk S-Drive
  • MicroUSB 3.0 Type B Cable
  • Any computer with any operating system


The factory PIN code is: 112233. We strongly recommend changing your password after unlocking it.


Step by step

To unlock the device and access data on the Hawk S-Drive, follow the instructions:

  • Connect Hawk S-Drive to any USB port (Red and Blue LEDs will light up)
  • Enter your PIN code (the factory PIN code: 112233 for new devices)
  • When you press the keypad, the Green LED is blinking
  • To confirm entering the PIN code, press the Unlock button
  • Green and Blue LEDs indicate unlocking of the device.


While the drive is not unlocked, it does not appear in the file manager of your computer (Explorer or Finder).

Video instruction:



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